Burns prevent is one of the  pillars/mainstay labors that aniquem make at the country and its principal target is to create a society culture awareness about the needs of burns prevent. at the prevent area, we develop talks  and workshops directed to persons who are in vulnerability situations and who are organized inside the community, for example: Mothers club, popular dining rooms, milk glass services, schools, etc.

We also give this activities to public and privates companies that are interested in sharing this burn prevent information with their own collaborators or that are interested in  training them in this kind of topics, in many cases they are looking to support all the comunities where they have strong connections because of differents reasons..

Inside the workshops offered to companies and community groups, we have 2 principal topics: Prevention burns and home fires prevention (they can be given online or presential)


As part of our burn prevention mission, we make differents campaigns to educate all the population about how to avoid this kind of injuries at their own home,especially, remembering that 90% of kids burns happen inside home and under the parents supervision..

The campaigns are given all the year and by differents means. specific advices are provided to the parents so they can be extra careful with possible burning agents like hot liquids,electric current, hot objects,among others.
radial advertising and videos are made too with top tips,which are diffused and issued by differents media and social networks.



For six consecutive years and thanks to all the efforts to population´s healthy education , aniquem commemorates -on october 27th- burns prevention day, which purpose is to create awareness about burns prevention and the whole month is full of activities focused on providing advices to avoid these injuries.

These recomendation are share by radio and tvs conductors, actores, artists, outstanding journalists and differents medias.

All of them committed to our organization and its labor..